Victoria Insurance Tower
   Description of Victoria Insurance Tower    
     Victoria Insurance, with the need to create a new headquarters, decided it would be best to create their new complex right next to its existing headquarters, and to do it as an energy efficient tower. With a commanding view of the Rhine and a loosening of codes which allowed larger buildings to be built, in July of 1998, Victoria Insurance became one of the largest building in Dusseldorf, at 28 stories, and was to be a statement of who Victoria Insurance is.
   The building was built not only to be energy efficient, but mostly to increase the comfort and convenience of the workers. Every room in the complex is regulated, although only the conference rooms, cafeteria and data processing rooms have typical air conditioning, where as the other rooms have a combination of natural ventilation and cool ceilings for room conditioning in the summer. This makes Victoria one of two existing naturally ventilated high-rise buildings in Dusseldorf, with Stadttor being the other.
   In addition to the high-rise, Victoria has also built low-rise buildings around the tower, which also use double skin fašade. For the low-rise, the double skin was used to help manage the sounds of the city more than the elements of the climate, as is done in the high-rise.
   As part of the design, the environment for the workers was particularly important in the design phase. Details of this improved environment included roof gardens, atrium gardens, artwork, and user controls.

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                      Brian N. Dean